Anna-Marie-Watson_Endurance Ladies Radio Episode 1

#1: From the British Army to the Toughest Footrace on Earth | Anna-Marie Watson

Anna-Marie Watson’s latest accomplishment in her 11-year endurance career is the Marathon des Sables, a grueling multi-stage adventure through the Sahara Desert. This British Army veteran finished as the second woman in the elite top 50. In this episode, Anna-Marie talks to us about her path to a successful and challenging endurance career and her performance coaching business, Reach for More.

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Sponsors: Ultra-Trail World Tour sponsored athlete and supported by WAA the French ultra equipment company.


Recommended Books: 

Mastering Coaching Max Landsburg


Pan-Fried Banana Scramble Recipe (for the protein lover who still likes a little sweetness):

  1. Chop up banana
  2. Pan-fry banana in coconut oil
  3. Crack some eggs into it
  4. Bit of milk or a bit of yogurt
  5. Scramble it all up
  6. Top with mixed red berries, goji berries, any nut variety or simply sprinkle some cinnamon
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