Stephanie Howe Violett-Endurance Ladies Radio 29

#29: Nutrition Tips for the Endurance Racer with Stephanie Howe Violett

You can always trust the nutrition advice that you get from ultra runners like Stephanie Howe Violett. Anyone who runs 100 miles for the love of sport knows how to eat for success. In addition to running in the mountains for fun, Stephanie has a PhD in Nutrition & Exercise Science and offers her expertise as a running coach. She tells us, “if you eat a huge slice of chocolate cake and you weren’t hungry, the feeling should be wow that was delicious, not feelings of guilt or remorse, that leads to a thought process where it’s binge and restrict.”

In this episode, Stephanie shares tips on how to overcome stomach distress during a race as well as her number one piece of advice for your race nutrition.

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