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#7: Women and Bikes, Part 1: Pedaling Chic | Robin Bylenga

Six years ago, Robin Bylenga opened Pedal Chic, a women’s-specific bike shop in Greenville, S.C. In the first episode of a three-part series about women in cycling, we talk to Robin and Reba Campbell, one of her customers, about the appeal of a women-specific store and how bikes can transform the lives of their riders.

We’ll hear about Robin’s determination and journey to open Pedal Chic, despite the uphill odds, as well as her commitment to create a community for women, by women. And, we’ll hear about how Pedal Chic helped Reba rediscover her love for bikes. Plus, we’re pretty sure that Reba coins the term, bikiversary. You heard it on Endurance Ladies Radio first!

Pedal Chic and Robin Bylenga:

Reba Campbell:


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