#15: Can’t Beet These Recipes: The “Run Fast, Eat Slow” Approach | Elyse Kopecky

Elyse Kopecky didn’t realize how big a role her diet played in her health until she spent time abroad in Switzerland. There, the competitive runner who had struggled with injuries and amenorrhea discovered what she thought was healthy in the U.S. – low-fat yogurt, lean turkey, and packaged veggie burgers – didn’t hold a candle health-wise to the full-fat dairy, grass-fed beef, and other whole foods she started working with from scratch abroad. Elyse teamed up with her longtime friend and four-time Olympic marathoner Shalane Flanagan on a new cookbook, Run Fast, Eat Slow, to bring this knowledge and healthy, flavor-forward recipes to athletes everywhere.

Run Fast Eat Slow

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